Xbox One Elite Wireless Controllers Replacement Part (11 pcs) Swap thumbsticks and D-pads fits Xbox one Controller also by E-MODS GAMING®

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  • *A set of 11 Pcs Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Replacement Parts(6 grips and 2 D-pad). Also comes with Screwdriver Tool.100% same size of Xbox One Elite Controller Parts.
  • *Use these set as mods for a regular Xbox One controller.
  • *Each order comes with 4 convex and 2 concave 100% silicone sweat free grips+2 Metal Bottom-thumbsticks and the Screwdriver Tool for replace them.
  • *6 Swap thumbsticks and 2 D-pads for game-changing accuracy and speed for Xbox One Controller, Perfect for Halo, COD.
  • *Easy replace- take apart your Xbox One Wireless or Wired Controller with our Tool for the bottom thumbsticks and free swap the silicone thumbsticks.

Product Description

Best New Accessory Moded for Your Xbox One Controller!

- Would you like a more control from your controller?
- Has your thumb ever slipped at a critical time?
- Have you worn out your controllers thumb grips?
- Have you tried other grips that fall off or wear out?
With these Xbox one Elite Swap thumbsticks and D-pads you can Mod your Xbox one controller for more speed, shotting. The are 100% the same as Xbox One Wireless Controller Parts.

Ours are specifically made to fits Xbox one

- Swap Concave and Convex thumbsticks Increased comfort and grip revolutionizes play.
-Achieve greater control with interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip.
-Save money. Replace your broken Xbox one Elite wireless controller thumbsticks & D-pad instead of buying new Elite wireless controllers
- Larger contact surface provides better control

- Each package includes 6 grips + 2 metal bottom thumbsticks + 2 D-pads and Screwdriver Tool.
Improve your gameplay today! For a limited time, get exclusive membership to the E-MODS GAMING with your purchase!

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