Ortz® AC Adapter Power Supply Cord for Xbox One [NEW VERSION] Best for Charging – Brick Style – Great Charger Accessory Kit with Cable

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  • No Loud Noise: conveniently charge and use your Xbox One console with a durable power supply adapter that doesn't emit the loud noise common with many other similar products.
  • Reliable, Long-lasting Power Supply: The Ortz Ac Adapter Power Supply Cord for the Number One Accessory Designed to Put an End to Your Xbox One Power Troubles
  • Steady Charge: simply plug in your Ortz AC Adapter to the wall outlet and connect to the Xbox One AC port to get your console going for the next game round. No mishaps! No more power interruptions!
  • Ortz Quality: Invest in the Tradition of Quality Associated with the Premium Ortz Brand. This Brick Style Adapter Is a Great Accessory Kit for the Xbox One Console. Make Sure the Light on the Power Supply Works as This Is an Indicator That the Power Supply Is Receiving Power and Working
  • Steady Charge: Charges Fast, Lasts Long, Durable and Sturdy. Simply Put, Ortz Is the Number One Power Supply Cord and Brick Style Charger for the Xbox One Console. If Power Supply Is Still on While the Console Is off, You Must Remove the Power Saving Mode : Standby Mode and Use Energy Saver

Product Description

Top quality AC adapter power supply cord

Are you looking for a top-quality replacement to your original Xbox One power supply? There are hundreds of possible replacements that you can purchase to get your device powered back again. But not all of these are reliable. A fake power supply cord might have inappropriate circuitry that degrades or even destroys your console over time.
Built for maximum compatibility and rated for the Xbox One, the Ortz AC Adapter Power Supply cord operates smoothly and keeps your console ready for the next game. You might get this accessory as a replacement to a faulty on, or just as a backup piece for that rainy day!
This AC Adapter accessory will put an end to your charger worries. Invest in a reputable brand that you can Consistently count on!

Usage tips

If the Power supply is still on while the console is off, you must remove the instant-on power mode and instead activate energy saving mode.
To increase the lifespan of the unit, unplug your Power Supply cord from the outlet whenever it's not in use.

Item doesn't work

Make sure the light on the power supply shows green as this is an indicator that the power supply is receiving power and working well.
Inspect your console for possible defects in the system itself.

Loud noise from the power supply

Make sure that your Xbox one system is in power saving mode (as opposed to instant-on mode) if you are getting the loud noise when your console is off.
Place this accessory in a well-ventilated location. The power supply becomes hot if it is placed in a location where there is not enough air flow (ex. inside a box or cabinet).

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