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One of the most awaited gaming consoles in 2017 is Microsoft’s release of the Xbox 2: Project Scorpio. According to the head of the Xbox’s gaming department, Phil Spencer, it will possibly be released before 2017 ends.

Microsoft is very much confident because of Xbox 2: Project Scorpio being considered as one of the most powerful gaming consoles ever made. With its specifications and high-end functionalities, it is said that it can be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, claiming that the Pro won’t be able to handle 4K gaming. Although Sony did not disclose any information regarding hardware specifications during their recent press conference, a press release coming from Sony confirmed previous reports of the Playstation 4 Pro’s GPU at 4.2 teraflops of power. With that said, Sony is short on power compared to Xbox 2.


4K Gaming Experience

The gaming console is expected to support 4K gaming alongside a Windows 10 fusion. 4K versions of existing games will also be expectedly released by Microsoft.


Microsoft has already made a project with VR before and was called as the HoloLens which will be the same VR that will be used in the Xbox 2: Project Scorpio. The gaming console will likely to be VR-ready and can access VR PC games.


Gaming performance on any console will be based on its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Xbox 2: Project Scorpio comes with an astounding 6 teraflops of GPU in order to give support to VR and 4K gaming. It will also come with a 5GB DDR5 RAM and an AMD Vega CPU.


Xbox 2: Project Scorpio is ought to be compatible with Xbox One games. However, some but not all games will be compatible and the Xbox 2 type games might not be compatible with the Xbox One.


It was earlier priced just like a high-end PC. However, as what Phil Spencer recently confirmed, it will probably cost around $500-$600 just like an ordinary gaming console would cost.


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