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As it is the season of corporate financial reports, Sega recently talked about its plans in some detail. In amongst that was the news that the company plans to bring some of its older franchises back to life.

It seems that Sega will move its attention away from device centric releases to focus on its own intellectual properties instead. This means resurrecting some of Sega’s older franchises but there’s a catch here.

Instead of focusing on bringing back games in the same capacity as they once were, the plan is to only work on “big hits” rather than on the previous mid-tier releases. In short, this sounds a lot like a ramping up of budgets but it could also mean moving away from console and focusing on mobile games instead.

The good news is that Sega is looking at cross platform type releases, catering for PC, console and mobile. My hope here is that Sega doesn’t fall into the trap of funding massive console games, as it’s becoming increasingly clear that those types of games are already unsustainable.

The reason why I am excited about all of this is that it might mean we could get new Virtual On game.

The Virtual On series already had its 20th anniversary back in 2015 but Sega didn’t really do anything with that, which is uncommon for gaming anniversaries in Japan. However, this year more Virtual On related things have started to pop up.

From a new light-novel tie-in game on the Vita to huge Temjin statues, it seems that Virtual On might be getting some more love again after all these years.

Back in the day, games like Virtual On Oratorio Tangram (shown below) were big earners for Sega in the Japanese arcades and the series still has a sizable fanbase here in Japan. So rebooting this franchise is something that does make sense in a Japanese context.

My enthusiasm for Virtual On aside, Sega has an immense back catalogue of amazing games to build upon. Here’s hoping that Sega remembers how to Sega and brings back those gaming blue skies so many of us have missed.

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