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“Super Mario Odyssey” doesn’t waste your time with a bunch of needless backstory.

"Super Mario Odyssey" doesn't waste your time with a bunch of needless backstory.

These are the planners for Bowser and Peach’s wedding. They’re the henchmen of “Odyssey.”Nintendo

The premise of “Odyssey” is delightfully quick and simple.

Mario’s chronic nemesis, Bowser, has kidnapped his longtime love interest, Princess Peach, and is forcing her into marriage. Mario’s not into that, which is seemingly why Bowser’s doing it in the first place. He shreds Mario’s hat and takes off in an airship. Typical!

But also whatever, right? How much motivation do you need to take out a villainous turtle dressed like a pimp?

Super Mario Odyssey

Relax: All of this plot setup plays out quickly, and you can get on with the game in just a few minutes.


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