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Nintendo Classic fans out there, don’t fret! With days before Christmas, top gadget stores GameStop and Best Buy has a surprise for you! It looks like that Nintendo NES Classic Mini you’ve been waiting for all year will be restocked this week.

According to Digital Trends, Nintendo targets a blockbuster holiday sales this season! Not only by selling 3DS or the people’s sudden interest to the Wii U. Nintendo Classic Mini NES is back and with just $60, you will be taken back to the era of fun games of yesteryears packed in the popular tiny game console.

While it’s pretty much sold out in any gadget store around the country, there are gadget stores offering limited stocks next week, as reported by KXAN.

According to GameStop, Nintendo NES Classic stocks will be available in its stores on Thursday and Friday. However, they only have limited stocks so gamers who want to purchase the gadget are urged to call their local GameStop shops ASAP!

Another gadget store, Best Buy, also announced that they will be selling limited stocks of the game console on December 20. If you want to grab one, better make it there early or get ready to spend up to six times its retail price when you buy one from EBay. Retailers are already doling out their stocks for this game console hoping to earn from desperate buyers! If you really, really want to own one, get ready to raise the stakes and shell out a lot of money!

Nintendo NES Classic Mini has already sold an estimated 200,000 units in the US alone after its release last month. This is just about the same amount of Wii U that the same company had sold for the past six months. And they will probably sell even more once they are able to produce them faster.

Get ready to play your favorite classic games of all time – the Nintendo NES Classic Mini houses an arrat of fun and entertaining games such as “Donkey Kong”, “Doctor Mario” and “Final Fantasy!” Find out more about the games included in the console here:


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