Destiny 2 REVIEW: First score REVEALED for PS4, Xbox One sequel –

UPDATE: More Destiny 2 review-in-progress articles have appeared online, although Slant Magazine remains the only outlet to give it a definitive review score.

Polygon: “It seems like the sequel Bungie needed to make — not a fundamentally different experience, but improved enough over its predecessor to reel veterans back in and attract people who skipped the original Destiny. Now we have to see how it holds up.”

ORIGINAL: The , which means the race is on to publish reviews.

And while most outlets are posting early impressions of the Bungie sequel, one website has given Destiny 2 a full review score.

Slant Magazine has given Destiny 2 a solid 4 stars, describing it as a rock solid base for Bungie to build on.

“To look at any new Destiny content from the outset is to essentially examine a foundation upon which one hopes Bungie can build cathedrals to white-knuckle, space-operatic heroism,” the review reads.

“When the first game was all said and done, we had seen an ambitious project that turned out to be disappointingly hollow in spots.

“The foundation that’s Destiny 2 already feels rock-solid, a refinement and reinforcement of Destiny’s best elements in every respect.”


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