Nintendo releases ‘Super Mario Run’ in high stakes moment for the Japanese gaming giant – CNBC

Nintendo’s entrance to the mobile game market earlier this year has so far been successful. Its social media app “Miitomo” did well, while “Pokemon Go” –developed by Niantic, which Nintendo has a stake in – went viral. “Super Mario Run” was developed by Nintendo and DeNA however, which should help Nintendo see more of the revenue from the game.

Analysts are focusing on the $9.99 price to see if users spend the money, and some feel that with Nintendo’s strong brand, the gaming giant will be able to make “Super Mario Run” a success.

“After a long period of having no clearly defined mobile strategy, Nintendo is entering the mobile games market at an opportune time. Right as the market is cluttered by an abundant offering, the Japanese giant enters with a highly-visible franchise. Beyond the success for Nintendo, other publishers will be watching to see if a $10 premium model will work on mobile from here on out,” Joost van Dreunen, CEO of SuperData Research, wrote in a note Wednesday.

“The nostalgia factor plays a key role here, as an entire generation of gamers suddenly, and finally, finds itself able to play one of their childhood franchises on their phone, two weeks before the holidays.”


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