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This is the sort of image Microsoft likes to show with the Scorpio.

image: Microsoft

This is the sort of image Microsoft likes to show with the Scorpio.

We’re only a little ways out from the full, final reveal of Microsoft’s new Xbox “Scorpio,” a supercharged Xbox One that’s meant to play games at 4K resolution and higher frame rates. It’s a process that started at last year’s E3, when the company confirmed that it was, in fact, working on a new console, but offered precious few details. Since then, we’ve gotten a whole lot more information in the form of a detailed technical work-through on Digital Foundry, among the Internet’s preeminent gaming hardware websites. In the meantime, Microsoft has popularized the console with a series of strangely mesmerizing hardware closeups, which are neither more or less informative than photos of the exterior, I suppose. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got another one today. Microsoft Xbox Engineering head Mike Ybarra posted this photo on Twitter today: we assume it’s a closeup of what the actual, real life chip that’s going inside the box. Check it out below:

The Xbox Scorpio Chip.

Credit: Mike Ybarra

The Xbox Scorpio Chip

See how it says “4K” right on it? As if someone would crack open the machine to check. The focus on guts is sort of funny, but it serves a real point for Microsoft. The company took a lot of flack during the Xbox One reveal for a decreased focus on games in favor of entertainment features, losing ground with the hardcore gamer set. This wasn’t exactly helped by the fact that the console was more expensive and not as powerful as the PlayStation 4, which quickly outpaced the Xbox One as Microsoft scrambled to reorganize. The constant focus on hardware in visual terms is a way to signal its focus with the Scorpio: we’re serious this time, the designers seem to be saying. This is a project 100% focused on hardware to the point where showing you this chip is as good as showing you the console itself, the company seems to be saying. It also helps because Microsoft can’t really use games to sell this console. All exclusives will have to be compatible with both PC and Xbox One, so marketing for Scorpio will have to focus on hardware capability.

The three biggest questions yet to be answered about Xbox Scorpio are cost, form factor and actual, final name. We’re bound to hear them at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, so keep tuned for news and updates. Soon we will hopefully have some new photos to go with the thing, as well.

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