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Xbox Scorpio released has been revealed by its makers. Microsoft has already announced and confirmed that the Xbox Scorpio is coming this 2017. The company, however, only hinted a few details with regard to the new console. Predictions and speculations arise as to how Xbox Scorpio specs and features would be, and here is a rundown of the most sound predictions.

Xbox Scorpio, not Xbox One S. More and more people get confused that the two gaming consoles are the same. However, Microsoft is quick to clarify that they are not the same as Xbox One S would be an incremental upgrade for its earlier Xbox One release. That is very different road that Xbox Scorpio is about to take. It is an entirely different console. However, both of these gadgets were officially announced at the E3 event this year. For now, here are some of the predictions about the upcoming Xbox Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio Specs & Features. For Microsoft, they are excited to announce that this new gaming console is the most powerful one they have ever developed. According to gaming experts, the said component really has set the bar high when it comes to specs. the Xbox Scorpio main feature is its graphical processing power of at least 6 Teraflops. It also includes 8 CPU cores which make it a powerful machinery. Xbox Scorpio memory bandwidth is at 320 GB/s and Microsoft also claims that the latest release is a genuine 4K gaming console.

Xbox Scorpio VR Compatibility. On top of all those features is Virtual Reality compatibility. The latest gaming console has top notch VR technology. However, there are a lot of skeptics as to the current VR technology Microsoft has to offer. The 4K and VR compatibility match-up would definitely rock this console and would be much-appreciated by fans.

Xbox Scorpio Release Date Schedule. Deemed as the console that would end the era of console generations, Xbox Scorpio promises a lot from its hardware that could endure a few years before an upgrade is needed, to its predicted VR compatibility features. The new release will probably work, especially if it can accommodate parts upgrade just like PC. Among what fans could be excited about is the backward compatibility for Xbox One and 360. No exclusive games have been released for the gaming console.

The said final release of the Microsoft’s new gaming console will be Holiday 2017. That would be at least a year from now. For now, here is a sneak peek on Xbox Scorpio: 


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