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Credit: Microsoft

Xbox One X Console and Controller.

The Xbox One X, you may have heard, will be the most powerful console ever made when it releases November 7. Pre-orders for the special “Project Scorpio” edition sold out pretty quickly after they went live, leaving everyone who wasn’t quick enough waiting around to see if they could get their hands on a guaranteed unit at launch. Now, if a leaked ad is to be believed, pre-orders for the standard edition will be going live in just a few days. So if you’ve got $499.99 lying around, or plan to before November 7, read on.

A Walmart ad discovered by Microsoft blog suggests that the Xbox One X will be going back on pre-order on September 21, just a few days from now. And since we have to assume that Microsoft isn’t making these pre-orders available exclusively at Walmart, my guess is that we’ll see a broader rollout at stores like Target, Best Buy and Gamestop, maybe with an official announcement sometime in the next two days. I’ll be curious to see how quickly these sell out: many diehards certainly got their consoles in the first round, so this will give us a chance to see how many more there are out there. Xbox One X may have been Microsoft’s fastest selling console ever, but there’s still a lot of time left before we know if it’s a success or not.

Note that the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is done and finished. If you didn’t grab a pre-order with that initial allocation, you’re not getting a Project Scorpio Edition. If you did, however, you are definitely getting one of those special consoles, even if your pre-order didn’t explicitly say so. Don’t worry, we’re dealing with aesthetic differences only.

The Xbox One X, like the PS4 Pro, is designed to play the same games as the Xbox One but with better resolution and higher framerates. It’s much more powerful than the PS4 Pro, however, and Microsoft argues that this increased horsepower is going to make a big difference when it comes to how games look on your 4K TVs. We’ll see how it all looks when it comes out: I’ve been less than wowed by my PS4 Pro so far, so I’m very curious to see if the Xbox One X can make its argument a little stronger. Regardless, I expect it to sell perfectly well as an enthusiast device to those with a little cash to burn.


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