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The Flash may be the fastest man alive, but even he couldn’t outrun the forces that bankrupted Brash Entertainment and left the Flash’s first open world video game as an unrealized dream. But now, previously unseen footage from The Flash video game and details about its characters and storylines have been revealed as a tantalizing glimpse of what might have been.

Did You Know Gaming’s newest episode of Liam Robertson’s Unseen64 has thrown the spotlight on The Flash video game that was developed by Bottlerocket Entertainment for the Xbox 360, PS3, and the Wii. This one is particularly heartbreaking because it appears that Bottlerocket had laid the groundwork for The Flash to be extremely faithful to the comics, with a lineup of established villains, two cities to explore, and even an original storyline overseen by comic book legend, Marv Wolfman. There’s also a lot of clips from the game in this video, which illustrates just how far along the title was when it faced its untimely cancellation.

This video also contains some very detailed accounts about some of the Flash’s boss fights and a few of the twists that players would have encountered throughout the game. Apparently, the genesis of the project originally had an even more ambitious goal that would have featured the Flash aiding several other DC heroes including Superman and Batman in their own respective cities.

It’s unfortunate that this game will never be finished, as it could have done for the Flash what the Batman: Arkham video game series did for Batman. That said, there may never be a better time for Warner Bros. to try making a new open world game based on The Flash. The TV series on The CW has made the Flash more popular than ever, and even though The Flash movie is still looking for a director, it’s bound to happen as well.

While Bottlerocket’s Flash game focused on Wally West (who was the main Flash in the comics at that time), any future games will probably use Barry Allen as the lead character. But the current season of The Flash has set up Wally as a speedster hero as well, so there’s no reason not to use both heroes in any potential game down the road. The current console generation could easily pull off the open world aspect of it, and we also think that The CW series has a lot to offer any future Flash games. Note that Bottlerocket’s game gave Flash remote support from another character, which is almost exactly the role that Team Flash plays on the show.

Speaking of Team Flash, Vibe and Killer Frost are now so closely associated with Barry Allen that they would probably belong in any future game as well. Additionally, it would be very cool to see a Flash multiplayer option that would let players control the comic book Flashes, Grant Gustin‘s incarnation, John Wesley Shipp‘s ’90s era Flash, and even Ezra Miller‘s Flash from the DC Extended Universe.

What did you think about this video? And what do you want to see in any potential Flash video game? Unleash the Speed Force in the comment section below!

Image: DC Comics

Of course, a Flash game would need an Infinite Mass Punch.


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