Microsoft’s Albert Penello on Xbox One’s “post-X” future – Ars Technica

The existence of the $250 Xbox One S was key to letting Microsoft reach for “full 4K” power with the Xbox One X. At least that’s what Microsoft Marketing Manager Albert Penello said in an E3 interview with Ars Technica.

“It was that nice, liberating point that we had by having Xbox One S,” Penello said. “We have a console at $250, it has a 4K Blu-ray player, and no one should be embarrassed or think they made the wrong choice by choosing the Xbox One S… People are turning 13 or 14 years old every day, and they need their first game console, and Xbox One S is a great option.

“It was nice to say that the specs in the box we released came from our design goals,” he continued. “The box looks the way it looks with the numbers it has at the price we sell it for because that’s what it took to deliver on our promises.”


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